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INNOID | Innovative Ideas aims to develop products that help the promotion of canoe and kajak sport. At this moment we have developed two products: The Innoid Action Boat and the Skayak. The Innoid Action boat is a children's kayak intended for use in swimming pools. It is in production and available.
Both INNOID products are designed for children in the age of 6 to 12 years. These innovative toys enable kids to be active in a safe environment.

At this age children's play changes from simply having fun, to something else - learning effective skills. Kayaking in a swimming pool or in a gymnastic hall offers a number of opportunities for kids. The kids will learn something about paddling without getting out of their comfort zone and for example swimming pool owners will be able to expand their service level when they have a set of four to ten INNOIDS and increase their number of visitors.

Skayak Promotion film
Skayak at YouTech Magazine
The making of the Innoid Paddle Kart, now called Skayak
Watch the film!
Watch a group of children playing Innoid games.
The INNOID is designed by Kanoslalom Nederland in cooperation with InnoSportNL and The Dutch National Yachting Association. The unique design automatically stimulates the kids to adopt an active posture.

Children will be able to handle the boat without any help of an adult.* It is stable enough to give sufficient encouragement to start playing and paddling, yet it is small enough to turn upside down.

Getting wet is part of the fun!
Kids can explore the pool and the boat with confidence. If they fall out they can simply climb back in. They can stand on it, jump off, do exactly as they like. When in a group, kids can play tag, canoe polo, slalom or relay. A kids party can be packed with fun things to do and will keep them busy for hours.

Lenght: 160 cm
Width: 60 cm
Weight: 4,5 kg
Max. load: 50 kg

*Kids have to be good at swimming and they always have to be supervised by an adult.

The Skayak

The Skayak is in development now. We'll keep you informed when it is available!

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The Innoid is for sale at Kanoslalomshop
The Innoid is for sale at Aquarunner
The Innoid is for sale at Miwex (Sweden)
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